Overcoming Fear of Failure

Until I was about 35 years old, my way of avoiding the fear of failure was to not try my hardest. That way if I failed, I would tell myself the failure was not because I was incapable of succeeding, but because I did not try my hardest. I can remember the moment when I was about to fail yet again and I sucked it up and tried my hardest. My VP had just told me of a client that as really angry with one of my engineers. I was going to ignore it and “hope” that the engineer could fix the issue, but I had too many employees counting on the success of the company and my leadership to let “hope” be the solution. So I picked up the phone and dove headfirst into solving the problem. We solved the problem and I began a new phase in life, trying my hardest no matter what. I don’t like failure, but I no longer let the fear paralyze me.


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