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The CEOs in Vistage Group CE-12 are moving at lightspeed. Members are always sharing best practices to stay ahead of the ever changing business environment. They are leaning on each other and the 45,000 Vistage members in 45 countries worldwide to stay one step ahead and prepare new strategies in order to prosper through these tough times. By joining CE-12, you will find the community and direction necessary to gain financial independence, to grow professionally and personally, and to avoid burnout.

The Vistage Model

Vistage offers the most comprehensive method for making better decisions, getting better results and becoming a better leader. It’s a proven approach that helps member companies grow 2.2x faster than non-member companies of similar size. This success stems from four elements that form the core of each Vistage group:
1) Valuable perspectives from a trusted group of peers
2) Professional guidance from the Chair, an accomplished business leader
3) Deep insights from subject matter experts
4) A network of thousands of CEOs to call upon.

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CEO Group (CE-12)

Founded in 1973, CE-12 is a legendary San Diego CEO Vistage group. Each group takes on a certain personal identity, in addition to upholding the core elements of the Vistage model. The strength of CE-12 comes from the members’ relentless desire to learn and their willingness to ask the tough question. There is no judgment, only support for each member and a shared desire to help each other’s companies succeed.



Founded in 2007, the UCSD Rady MBA Vistage on Campus group is my gift back to the San Diego community. This pro bono group serves a select group of Flex-Weekend students at UCSD. My goal is to provide these amazing students with the Vistage experience, monthly meetings with fantastic speakers, important group discussions and 1-on-1 mentoring.


CEO Group (CE-8924)

Forming in 2024, this future group will provide a new set of CEOs a chance to form their own peer advisory group. As new members join, they get to decide who will be part of this special group. Considering that CE-12 was formed 50 years ago, this is a rare opportunity to influence group formation.


How Vistage Can Help

  • What are the major decisions you'll have to make regarding your business in the next 12 months?

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What Ceos are Saying

"The value for me in Vistage is the people who challenge me and help me think outside the box. They give me clarity in purpose and action. They are there for me."

CEO/Founder of an Accounting Company

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About Mark

I understand the challenges CEOs face. In 1984, I founded Stellcom, an engineering services company, and led it for 16 years, growing revenues to $50,000,000. After a Series B round of private equity, when I took some money off the table, I retired from Stellcom to become a Vistage Chair.

Since then my focus is helping other CEOs navigate their challenges as they grow their companies. For these CEOs, I am the one person they can count on to listen without judgement and ask the tough questions.

Leadership in today’s world is more complex than ever. My passion to help leaders is stronger than ever. If you would like to work with me and a group of experienced CEOs, please contact me to see if Vistage is right for you.

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