Infinite ROI

Some fellow Vistage┬áChairs and I just finished a conversation about the “Core Messaging” of our work. It was fascinating to hear from successful Chairs about their views on Core Messaging.
For me, Vistage changed my life when I was a member. I became a better leader, a better husband/father, a better person in general. I learned the science of business, and even more important, the art of business. The ROI was infinite for me not only in dollars and cents, but also in who I became.

I joined Vistage when I had about 25 employees (1991). When I transitioned from member to a Chair after selling a portion of my stock, I had about 500 employees (2002). In today’s dollars, 500 employees translates to $150,000,000 in revenue for the type of business I built. But the math on ROI is not just the relationship between the cost of membership and my stock sale, because without Vistage, there would not have been a stock sale. That is why my Core Messaging on Vistage is “Infinite ROI”.


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