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In 1991, I joined a Vistage CEO group to learn from fellow CEOs how to build a business. When I joined the group, I had grown my company to about 30 employees, but had hit a wall in growth and knowledge. I needed peers and a coach to help me get to the next level – and the next and the next.

One of the first recommendations was to write down a set of Core Values. My Vistage group told me that these written values would provide a strong foundation for every aspect of the business. Over the next 10 years, my company grew to over 500 employees. When we surveyed employees, the Core Values played a major role in why employees came and stayed.

Now I am leading this same Vistage group with a new set of CEOs and helping them grow to the next level. At our last meeting, we settled on a set of Core Values for the group itself. I am proud of the work we did in crafting our foundational Core Values. I am confident that these Core Values will keep our group strong and attract only those CEOs who are fully aligned.

Complete Communication

“Two people in a conversation amount to four people talking. The four are what one person says, what he really wanted to say, what his listener heard, and what he thought he heard.”
– William Jennings Bryan

We understand that at times we communicate thoughtfully and at times reactively. In CE-12, we never judge our fellow members on what they communicate. We always question each other and allow reactive communication to become thoughtful communication. Our goal is not agreement. In fact, we relish disagreement. Our goal is non-judgmental understanding.

Total Trust

“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships”
– Steven Covey

We share truthfully and provide candid, constructive feedback without holding back. We always talk to a member, never about a member. Our confidential and non-judgmental environment promotes trust than enables members to feel safe to speak their truth and hear others truth.

Embrace Change

“Those who expect moments of change to be comfortable and free of conflict have not learned their history.”
– Joan Wallach Scott

We embrace change. We continuously and relentlessly seek to improve our companies and ourselves. We support each other before, during and after the change process. We are fully responsible for creating valuable change for ourselves and others.


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    • Thanks Ed. It is full circle for me. Vistage CE-12 taught me about Core Values 30 years ago. Now, I get to help the group craft the values for the group itself.

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