Giving From Joy, Not Guilt

Since becoming Chairman of San Diego Social Venture Partners (SDSVP), I have written 3 short items for the newsletter. I have asked you for money for the endowment, thoughts on what our goals should be and finally referrals for new members. As I look back, I sound like quite the needy person. That is not my intent. I have been not following what I preach and what SDSVP is all about. SDSVP is about giving. I have not been giving.

So here is my gift for you. Today and each day forward, I am releasing you of your guilt with regards to anything to do with SDSVP. I believe that your relationship with SDSVP should be a relationship of joy, not guilt. I believe that you should give when your heart, calendar, or pocketbook is ready to give. I believe that this organization will reach a new level if we can rid ourselves of giving from guilt.

My perception is that we are all overachieving individuals. I think that SDSVP is a magnet for overachievers. In fact, I think that SDSVP is filled some of the nicest overachieving people in the San Diego area. There is a downside however. The downside is that most likely we are amongst individuals who have more free time on their hands or have a bigger budget for philanthropy. This can create big time guilt. Even worse, our personal circumstances change, so our own availability of time and money change. This is a classic guilt generator. I’ll bet that I could write a fifty page thesis on the ways we can create guilt in ourselves.

What does not take fifty pages is my gift to you. Give when the giving gives you joy. If you are struggling with this concept, I am always here to listen and give you a pep talk. Let’s make SDSVP an joyful experience!


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