Kevin Flynn

Founder/President - Complete Recycling

Complete Recycling is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) that provides recycling and waste solutions for large-scale industrial facilities on a national level. Their team works closely with clients in the manufacturing and distribution industries to design and manage customized programs that meet their specific needs. They work transparently with their clients to identify and remove recyclable materials (including food waste), reduce costs, generate recycling profit and help achieve sustainability and landfill diversion (Zero Waste) goals. Complete Recycling provides clients with a single point of contact for all recycling and waste needs. The manage all activities, including vendor communication, transportation arrangements, statements, invoices, payments, and performance metrics on a single platform through our online Client Portal.

Complete Recycling does not own recycling facilities, nor do they operate trucks. Rather, their role as the MSP is to help our clients identify the best solutions and vendors with whom to work, and then as the single point of contact, manage these solutions and vendors on an ongoing basis. As they work alongside their clients, they provide detailed recycling reports. Their clients have transparent, easy-to-read data that is provided through their custom-built online Client Portal. The Client Portal enables clients to access their recycling and waste data on a single platform at any time. This is particularly useful when tracking landfill diversion status, cost savings, sustainability goals, and scorecard reporting.

Joined Vistage 2017

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