Jay Wright

CEO - Campfire

Jay Wright has been a technology entrepreneur building his vision for future computing platforms for more than 25 years.

His latest venture is Campfire, a new company focused on holographic collaboration for design and engineering workflows. Led by pioneers of today’s most well-known augmented reality platforms, Campfire provides a new generation of devices and applications that enable globally distributed teams to work with 3D models as if sharing a central holographic projector.

Most recently, he spent 10 years building Vuforia from inception to becoming the leading augmented reality platform for developing handheld and headworn applications. He also created Vuforia Chalk, a solution for remote presence and assistance described by Forbes as “the Future of Education, Service and Support”. Jay created Vuforia at Qualcomm where he was responsible for global commercialization of non-radio technologies, ranging from computer vision to neuromorphic hardware.

While Jay has served largely in executive management roles, he is a software engineer underneath with a passion for design and building experiences that “wow” people. He spends little time writing code anymore, but does enjoy digging into new tools to fulfill his appetite for learning. Jay holds 10 patents and looks forward to continuing to invent the future.

Joined Vistage in 2023

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