Gabe Study MD/PhD/MBA

CEO - Science1st

Vistage Value – Gabe values the diversity of opinion in the group. His world is filled with incredibly educated scientists who often look at problems with the same lens. His membership has paid for itself countless times when the group has questioned his proposed decisions, leading him to rethink and pivot. He also finds great value in the diversity of speakers that come to the group.

Gold Nugget – Gabe was able to talk about a family member dealing with opioid addiction, which led to the right expert, which led to an intervention, which led to recovery and a saved life. More than a gold nugget. Priceless.

Short Story – After many years in large pharma, Gabe saw huge opportunity in supporting smaller more focused drug discovery companies. His CRO provides these smaller drug discovery companies the imaging technology and test equipment only large pharma can afford. His ability to navigate the complex and rapidly evolving landscape of pharmaceutical research and development is masterful.

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